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Website development

Every business has something they would really like to improve. If you have a website, there’s always something to update and new ways to present your message. Perhaps it’s more foot traffic to your store or restaurant, maybe you’d like to build an email list, or perhaps your online sales need a boost. Farmer’s markets need to sell the produce they’ve brought to a location, so they need to let customers know where they’ll be. Chiropractors need patients, so they need to tell the community about their services. You get the idea.

If you have a website and it’s working well for you and your customers, then maybe we just need to tweak a few things, add a feature, or work on SEO so you bubble up higher and higher on Google and other search engines.

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Website security and updates

What is included in a security and updates package.

Setting up backups that will run automatically and regularly, so if there is a catastrophic issue we can restore the website quickly.

Regularly checking the software, such as, WordPress, for updates and install the updates as they become available.

Ensure all plugins are updated regularly, so security patches are applied and known bugs are fixed.

Even setting aside a contracted number of hours to answer questions and help you over hurdles with content and other non-development related tasks.

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