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Is your site helping your business as much as you need it to? A website that has an error on its pages reflects poorly on you. When I say “an error on its pages”, I mean literally, error messages from the web server for everyone to read. I really hope you don’t have issues like that, but if you do, I will work with you to fix it. Does the design, colors, fonts and verbiage reflect who you are or how you want your customers to see you? Click below so we can discuss your vision for your website.

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Website development

Every business has something they would really like to improve. If you have a website, there’s always something to update and new ways to present your message. Perhaps it’s more foot traffic to your location, maybe more subscriptions to an email list. Let potential visitors know where you are. Farmers that sell at a farmer’s market need to let potential customers know where they are. Chiropractors need patients, so they need to tell the community about their services. You get the idea.

So your website is working well for you and your customers, then maybe we just need to tweak a few things. We can add a feature or work on SEO so you appear higher on Google and other search engines.

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Website security and updates

Every website needs backups and updates regularly. Protect yourself from hackers by working with us to set up you backup strategy. Regular updates will close holes in security so hackers find it more difficult to mess up your web site. The “Security and Updates” package includes updating your CMS, such as, WordPress, as well as plugins and extensions.

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