Web development

Every business has something they would really like to improve. Perhaps it’s more foot traffic to your store or restaurant, maybe you’d like to build an email list, or perhaps your online sales need a boost.
If you have a website and it’s working well for you and your customers, then maybe we just need to tweak a few things, add a feature, or work on SEO so you bubble up higher and higher on Google and other search engines.
If you’re a small business and don’t have a website, there are a number of very good reasons to get one. For example, it enhances credibility, it is cost effective, and dynamic (Yellow Pages and other advertising are not even close), that is, you can decide one morning to have a sale that day and announce it on your website (perhaps not ideal, but it is possible).
My services range from a single HTML5 landing page with a contact form to a multi-page custom site. Any of them will use your domain name. I can help you get email set up with your domain name, so people see you’re serious with an email address that uses your own domain instead of, say, gmail.
We will collaborate on the design and features so your customers know who your are and what to expect.
At this time I have three entry points for web site design and development “Basic”, “Standard”, “Premium” with addons for additional revisions, use of stock images, faster delivery, etc.
The starting price points are as follows: “Basic” starts at $300, “Standard” starts at $500, and “Premium” starts at $750.

Security and updates

I Will Perform Updates, Backups And Provide Assistance with your website (this does not include any design or development). The price points are $75/month, $175/month & $300/month and provides for various levels of security and support such as backups, updates of plugins and cms software, such as WordPress.

Let’s talk!

How is your online presence? Can prospective customers find you easily? Does your website reflect who you are and who you want customers to see? Click the button to the right which will take you to the Request for Proposal form. The answers you provide there will help me understand your needs and how I can best help you. Thanks!